Nothing new under the sun?


Are you on the verge of expressing those thoughts on paper? Have you been nursing some insights and thinking of how to unleash those wonderful, captivating lines? Just as the saying goes (see post title), think of any topic in the world and you find out that there is nothing new under the sun! Nonetheless, your piece can still stand out- just flow from within; be real and feel real while romancing your pen on your paper like you want to release your innermost self. Self confidence is the key. Just believe in yourself and that your write-ups would always be different, then write like you really want a million people to peruse through your piece and you will have your peace.  Pick up a pen and paper right now and just write everything that comes to your mind, line by line. You will be amazed how much your paper fills up. Enough of trying to write like someone else. Just write like YOU,  and be YOU. Nothing new under the sun really? Just GOOGLE ‘there is nothing new under the sun’ and the first hit will lead you to Ecclesiates 1:9:

‘What has been will be again,
    what has been done will be done again;
    there is nothing new under the sun’.

‘Under the sun or in the rain, with dedication and selflessness…….’. That goes the Clarion Call song of the Nigerian Youth Service Corps (NYSC) – a song of dedication to one’s calling. Dedicate your life to whatever calling you have in life and be sure of having your generation replicate your impact at a much greater height.

NB: I have written this piece in passing, just to encourage that newbie in writing and other callings in life. I am one of those, as the case may be. I hope to become a renowned writer tomorrow. So we are in this together…winks…

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