Lydia Nze says she tells lies to her husband

This is a post from my blog –

Hmmmm. I’m currently watching Africa Magic Igbo and the host – Chioma Omeruah is hosting the programme where the topic of discussion is “Telling Lies” with Lydia Had and Funny Bone. When Lydia was asked whether she tells lies, see what she had to say (text on screen in the picture).  Well…just in case you cannot see it clearly, due to the shaky picture (**apologies**), read her words:

“Even as I am married, sometimes I do tell lies to my husband, not to hurt him but for peace to reign between us because of the love I have for him”.

See picture after the cut…

That doesn’t end the show. Funny Bone is right in the studio to air his views. Read what he has to say:

“Another is if your girlfriend or wife should see something unusual about you, for you to save your head, you would deny it because you women could be troublesome”

Lol. This is interesting though. Share your thoughts on the ongoing topic. Meanwhile, check out Chioma Omeruah this Easter Eve. Who loves her dressing?

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