Who is a True Librarian?

Hello friends. What is your definition of a Librarian? A lot of people see Librarians as archaic beings who keep custody of ancient books, and always shushing everyone who dares to make a sound. Well…the time has passed for this definition of me (yes…because I am a Librarian), because what I do in this contemporary age is keep custody of books and non books, digital resources and also, ideas. Now, this is my innovative thinking.

I personally define myself, being a Librarian, as “an embodiment and custodian of knowledge, ideas and innovations; an access point to all existing knowledge in all formats”. 

The Librarian of today is conversant with digital technologies and a tech pro. If you wish to hire a modern day Librarian, look for a proactive, embedded and tech savvy Librarian who can perform offline and online tasks without complaining. How would you then know a true, non-accidental Librarian?

A true Librarian never complains while serving a client. It is my primary duty as a Librarian, to point you to where you can locate relevant resources to fulfill your research needs.

A true Librarian smiles all the time, especially when a client is in need.

A true Librarian is interested in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by provision of learning resources and educating the public on the need to key into the United Nations 17 point agenda for year 2030.

A true Librarian has a Twitter Account, Facebook Account, to say the least.

A true Librarian checks his/her mail at least once daily.

A true Librarian knows a little about many things.

A true Librarian is never ashamed of screaming ‘I am  Librarian’ on the roof top.

A true Librarian is……….

If Librarianship is your area of calling, you can add up by commenting in the box below.

…and if you are not, I charge you today, to define o you are! 

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