Access Tools and Services to Open Access

Open Access

Journal of Informatics Studies has just published my paper on Open Access. The paper was presented at the Librarians Registration Council of Nigeria workshop in 2013. The publication in the journal is to grant the title a wider audience, all in the spirit of Open Access. Moreover, Informatics Studies journal is a Quarterly Journal that provides immediate Open Access to its content on the principle that making research freely available to the public supports a greater global exchange of knowledge.

The title of the paper is: “Access Tools and Services to Open Access: DOAR, ROAR, SHERPA-RoMEO, SPARC AND DOAJ”


The paper presents the concept and background of Open Access (OA) as well as its benefits. Librarians as information gatekeepers are enjoined to register in the advocacy of OA in a bid to promote scholarly communication and also aid in the building up of institutional repositories. Self Archiving (Green Access) and Open Access Journals (Gold Access) as proposed by the Budapest Open Access Initiative (BOAI) are discussed. Describes selected access tools and services to Open Access to explain the topic. Concludes by describing the influence of Open Access movement among information service professionals in Nigeria, and the raising awareness among scholars about self-archiving and Open Access journals.

To gain access to the full paper,  click on my name below:

Okpala, H. N.

The powerpoint presentation can be downloaded from my ResearchGate Profile


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