My Speech/Talk at the First TEDx UNN Event


When I was invited as a speaker at the first TEDx event, University of Nigeria, Nsukka, I knew it was time to act out what I had been watching on Youtube all these years. I mean to say, that I am a fan of TED Talks. I have watched and listened to the likes of Prolific writer Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie talk on ‘the danger of a single story’ , the respected global Economist, Okonjo Iweala speak on ‘how Africa can keep rising‘, and many others. I had observed how they all climbed the stage, not looking at any paper nor fidgeting while talking and I knew it was my time to replicate that.

TEDx UNN was attracted and organised by a student of the University of Nigeria and his team. I am glad to have also played a key role in organizing the event by way of consultations.  A lot of my friends have been looking forward to the video including myself, but I learnt from the chief organizer, that there was an issue with the event video. That came as a shocker to me, but I was lucky to have documented my speech before I climbed the stage. So I consider my attachment here, the transcript of my talk.

I spoke on ‘how librarians can engage kids and youths in the implementation of SDG 13 – Climate Action’

To download the speech,  click on the link below:

Helen Okpala TEDxUNN Speech Engaging Kids and Youths

You can visit the TEDx webpage to see my name as one of the speakers at the event.

You can view pictures from the event below:

Speaking at the event
My Speaker Tag
The Vice Chancellor of University of Nigeria, Professor Benjamin C. Ozumba
Red Carpet
A snapshot with young achievers
2017-07-01-08-35-47-368 (1).jpg
Posing before the event started

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