IEEE in 2030 Challenge: Call for Proposals

iEEEThe IEEE in 2030 Challenge: Delivering Value to Engineers and Technology Professionals in Undeserved Communities

IEEE wants your ideas for new programs, products, and services and innovative ways for delivering valued offerings to engineers and technology professionals in undeserved communities.  This “seed grant” program is designed to encourage and support innovative and creative approaches to serving the needs of engineers and technology professionals in undeserved communities worldwide.

IEEE New Initiatives Committee is currently accepting seed grant proposals for short-term (completed in 12 months or less) projects — the submission deadline is 30 October 2017. Have a great idea that directly addresses this call for proposals? Submit your proposal today!
Download the IEEE in 2030 Proposal Template (DOC, 79 KB)

Call for proposals: deadline 30 October 2017

Seed grant funding is used for smaller scale initiative projects and pilot programs that entail some risk and uncertainty necessary for innovation and growth. These projects may include a proof of concept in preparation for subsequent full-scale implementation. Funding is limited to grants that require US$40,000 or less and take 12 months or less to complete.

Seed grant proposals in response to this IEEE New Initiatives Committee call may be submitted by one or more IEEE members or organizational units[1], individually or in cooperation with an IEEE staff group. IEEE encourages coordination and efficient use of IEEE resources, and therefore, will look more favorably on proposals with multiple IEEE organizational unit (OU) sponsors than those with only a single or no OU sponsor.
The due date for proposals submitted in response to this call is no later than 1:00 PM Eastern Daylight Time on 30 October 2017.
Download IEEE Seed Grant Proposal Application 
(DOC, 79 KB)

Please send submissions to the New Initiatives Committee (NIC) by e-mail at  Note: Include “NIC Call for Proposals” in the subject line of the e-mail for easy identification.  For questions or inquiries please contact John Keaton at

For more information, click HERE

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