Lessons From Ebuka’s Agbada


Lessons From Ebuka’s Agbada

A few days ago, a young man named Ebuka wore an “Agbada” to his friend’s wedding and it broke the internet in Nigeria.

Just in case you don’t know what an Agbada is, it is a traditional attire worn by African men to formal events.

For a long time, the Agbada has not gone through any real form of innovation. People have just been wearing the same designs from time immemorial, and we have all just accepted it like that.

Until Ebuka wore an Agbada designed by Ugo Monye.

Everybody was talking about it…and they are still talking about it.

I however learnt a business lesson from this story (as usual…lol).

You see, I’ve known the designer of the Agbada from back in the day. We attended the same university, that is Covenant University.

I’ve watched him from a distance and I’ve seen him build his brand consistently over the years.

He is a very good designer, he’s very particular about details and he has an eye for style, he is even making money, he has a flagship store in Lekki …but his brand name was not among the big names we hear on Social Media.

One day…Ebuka wore one of his products, and it broke the internet.

All of a sudden, everybody wanted to know who the designer was and his Instagram followership grew by over twenty thousand in 3 days.


Helen Nneka Okpala, Just be building your business ohhhh.

Face Front.

Focus on what you are building.

Don’t worry about whether your business has been recognized among the big names or whether you have gotten any award or whether your popularity is not as high as you would like it to be.

Your time is coming.

I know it sounds easier said than done, and I even have to remind myself of this all the time when I realise that I have started comparing myself with other people.

Comparison has never brought me joy.

I have realized that my path is different.

What I’m building is different.

My journey is different.

My struggle is different.

My time of recognition will also be different.

All I’m doing now, is just to focus on this thing that I’m building.

One day, I’m going to blow…and it is the work that I’m doing now, that everybody will see.

I will share the stories of the lives that have been impacted because they came in contact with me…and that’s what everybody will see.

I will share the platform I used to impact lives, and it will be my online course website.

The point here is… it is not when I blow that I will start creating my online course or building my online course website.

These things are already existing and they are the products that the world will one day discover.

Do the work and every other thing will follow.

With Love

Stephanie Obi

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