driving tips helen okpala


It’s EMBER month(s), YES!
Some people say ‘One thing must kill a man’. Hmmmmmmm….
But PLEASE, let’s REMEMBER to observe these:
1. No unnecessary overtaking – there is no prize for the best ‘over-taker’ on Christmas day. Better to answer an ‘undertaker’.
2. No over-speeding – This harmattan has a way of forcing someone to over-speed. Please, don’t let it.
3. Be cautious as you listen to radio programmes/music in your car – At times, these programmes distract a lot.
4. Don’t offer lifts anyhow – Yuletide embarrassment for men, especially. An innocent man gave a female student a lift and on dropping her, she started screaming for ‘her money’. She claimed to have slept with the man and he has refused to pay her. So many slay shameless babes are round the corner, ready to wreck your home. Carry your image in peace and celebrate Christmas with your family.
5. Don’t overtake in a bending corner – I don’t know why so many people still do this. If you are not an expert in waving at every Tom, Dick and Harry while driving, please desist from doing that. Looking away for one second can cost so much damage.
6. MEN, don’t feel that a woman should not overtake you on the road. Allow her to overtake you if you are slow. Don’t start speeding up because you viewed her from your rear mirror, that she is a woman. Whether some men have vowed that a woman can never overtake them on the road, I dunno. ! Remember that pride is a killer
7. For men and women o – – – If you are a LEARNER, please hang ‘L’ on your plate numbers. It is more embarrassing to be driving rubbish without that sign on your car than having it boldly hung on your number plates and SCREEN, even. lol. MEN are fond of not accepting the damn fact that they are learning to drive. Why?
8. Don’t SPIT through the glass while driving – You may spit on people mistakenly. Remember that first impression matters.
9. Don’t curse people while driving – SOME Okada, Keke, commercial and private drivers can be annoying at times, but hold your peace. You can have an accident with an oncoming vehicle while cursing someone you have passed already.
10. If you must curse someone on the road for bad driving, look before you leap o. As you are bringing out your hand to say WAKA or GOD PUNISH DEVIL to that driver, look to observe who the person is o. He may be that man that you want to pay his daughter’s bride price that has been looking for an opportunity to stop you from marrying his daughter. Otio! I no dey for that scene o. What will you say if you curse him and he sees you? It may even be your boss or pastor/spiritual leader.
11. Please work on your traffic light indicator so you don’t confuse people on the road when you want to negotiate to left or right.
12. Don’t dump your whole family inside one okada or vehicle as you are traveling. At times, it attracts the evil one. TWO TRIPS CAN SAVE A LIFE or TWO. But with prayers, you can conquer this one.
13. Always pray before traveling with a group of people, or alone. Not just one minute to the journey, but prior to the journey. If need be, consult your pastor or spiritual leader for prayers.
14. If your wife had a bad dream about your journey, don’t say she is a woman. Listen to her, that is why God made her your wife. You many quit that journey as the spirit leads. This applies to both gender anyway. God can use your kid to speak to you, even.
15. If your spirit tells you not to attend someone’s event this period, please listen to your inner man. Your friend may be angry you did not attend, but in the end, you will reconcile. Better to be alive to discuss it than a casualty.
16. Abeg, always slow down when you reach police or army check points. Don’t prove what you are not to them. How would you feel if they ask you to do frog jump in front of your spouse or family? Just obey the law and present your papers (not legal tender o).
17. If you are a BUS PREACHER, don’t do it for money. Pray and preach, but stop collecting money.
18. If you are a pedestrian, please no earphones while walking on the road. All these young chaps do this a lot. You find out that cars now dodge them as kings of the road that they are. Honk your horn till like forever, they wouldn’t hear. Some adults have joined fa. Smh.
19. Please and please, don’t use phones while driving. Park to pick or answer calls. Always lock your doors when you have kids in your car, especially. If you are pregnant, stay at the back. Dont’ say you must sit with your hubby at the front. Let him carry any other person at the front, no wahala. He is still your husband. Even the car seat recognizes that. SAFETY FIRST!
20. Don’t allow this harmattan hold you in bed. Chai. The sweetness of the weather under the duvet can make you miss meetings and important appointments.
Seasons Greetings to Everyone!
By Helen N. Okpala….Former FRSC Cadet Registrar, Mokwa, Niger State (NYSC)
#helenokpala #seasonsgreetings #roadtips

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