Pride goes before a separation / divorce

A thought-provoking piece

Relationship blues and bliss

I have observed from my interactions with married couples that infidelity as previously assumed is not the leading cause of marriage breakups. There is a more sinister and extremely dangerous catalyst in relationships and marriages problems, PRIDE. This is the leading cause of relationship and marriage breakups, it is extremely effective in facilitating breakups because it blinds a couple to reason, makes them deaf to good counsel, leaving them thinking only about themselves. Even in cases where infidelity is the main issue, the presence of pride makes it impossible to achieve a full recovery. Don’t let pride destroy your marriage or relationship. If you love your spouse and you are not ready to leave him or her, make the move and work towards reconciliation. It is possible for one person to want the marriage more than the other, if you are that person, don’t let pride rob you of your…

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